Wine with a Purpose

Entrepreneurial & Social Vision

Founder and venture capitalist Randy Haykin first began experimenting in winemaking as a leisurely pursuit. He was always intrigued by the winemaking process: it demanded the same level of creative problem solving, dedication, attention to detail, instinct and risk-taking as any successful enterprise.

And while serving as a mentor to budding social entrepreneurs through the Gratitude Network, Randy saw the potential these social visionaries had in making a long-lasting difference in communities. It’s what drove him to turn his winemaking hobby into a business that funds the most effective social ventures around the world.

Blending Wine & Social Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Wines captures the creative and enterprising spirit of both winemakers and social entrepreneurs alike. After all, creating a fine wine takes the same dedication as creating a remarkable social venture: a combination of the right vision, product expertise and a talented team to make an extraordinarydifference – whether on your palate or in the world.

Why support social entrepreneurs?

Our goal is to impact 50 million underprivileged and under-served children in the next 5 years. How do we do that? By partnering with the Gratitude Network, we fund carefully-selected enterprises that are creating sustainable, social impact across communities, regions and entire nations. When you purchase a bottle of Entrepreneur Wines, you are impacting more than a single individual or family. Rather, you are funding enterprises which are creating sustainable solutions to improve the livelihood of millions of people worldwide.

Learn more about these social visionaries here.

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